Sky Signs

What We Have To Offer:

  Skysigns uses the Gasser banner 7’ system of interlocking red letters. They are assembled and towed behind a most powerful aeroplane, usually at an altitude of 500’ above the surf of the Sydney beaches, are highly visible and impactive. The sound of an aeroplane at such a low altitude attracts the attention of everyone along the extensive waterfront. Aerial billboards can also be displayed in this matter and may be produced in the colours and/or logo of the client.
  May be produced in almost any manner to suit the specific requirement of the occasion. Billboards are usually 20’ thigh and 40’ long. They can be signwritten as one would a roadside billboard, in a variety of colours etc. Custom billboards incur a production charge and we will quote upon receipt of artwork.
  We create letters one kilometre high at altitudes of 15 – 20,000 feet above the City. The viewing area is enormous and covers a major portion of the metropolitan area. Skywriting is not limited to script and may include logo or line drawing in a simple manner. It is fairly adaptable to given situations and is dependent only on fair weather. It covers the widest area of public vision and demographic studies have shown a potentially enormous audience on any given day.
  Our premier product! All sizes of flag can be created and towed along the Sydney beaches from Kingsford Smith airport North and South. We have displayed up to 10,000 sq. ft flags and the impact is truly enormous! A production ‘lead time; of about 6 weeks will usually apply to this method of advertising.